President's Message

    President's Message: August 2016

    President of the Central Arizona Chapter of ASHRAE

    Beau Turner



    The 2016-2017 ASHRAE year is about to begin and I am very excited to be serving as President. My number one goal this year is to increase meeting attendance by picking topics that are interesting to our membership. We will begin the meetings on Tuesday September 13th with a presentation on conditioning canabis grow rooms. Other topics we're looking to cover this year include ethics, panel discussion on the building process, BIM coordination, among many other topics. We are always looking for other great meeting topics. Please feel free to email me any suggestions.

    We will be holding our 3rd Annual Trap-Shoot event with the Tucson ASHRAE chapter in November. Come out and shoot some shotguns with us! I will be looking to beat my personal best of 20 out of 25. In the spring we'll be putting on the Table Top Product Show and Golf Tournament. I'm addicted to golf so I'll definitely be at the golf tournament. We're looking forward to hosting more Young Engineers in ASHRAE this year. There will be at least 4 events this year and we will most likely be returning to The Yard for another bags tournament. Lastly, we will be having our 3rd Annual Honor & Awards Dinner in May or June.

    I'd like to thank all of the volunteers that make our Chapter so great, without volunteers there would be no local ASHRAE community. If you are interested in getting more involved in the Chapter please let me know. We are always looking for more volunteers and there are always new positions opening up!

    - Beau Turner