President's Message

    President's Message: SEPTEMBER 2018

    President of the Central Arizona Chapter of ASHRAE

    Rick D'Andrea



    Hello everyone! I’m so glad to be able to welcome everyone back for the 2018-2019 ASHRAE year! It feels great to know that I would not be in this position I am in without the trust and support of you and the rest of the Central AZ Chapter members. As your president, my goals are to find ways to build a stronger chapter, give back to our members, and to continue to successfully engage our members to build a stronger HVAC community.

    While you all have been waiting for a couple of months for the Chapter Meetings to come back again, our Central AZ board has been hard at work to plan for the upcoming year and make sure that we set ourselves up for success. The board met up in Pinetop for the annual Planning Meeting while also enjoying the fresh air, we flew to Fresno California to represent our chapter at the Chapter Regional Conference, and we have had several other meetings pertaining to our many events and functions. Our board has some exciting news and ideas that we cannot wait to share with you!

    Amongst preparing for the year of events to come, we also focused on what our board can do to continue to bring together our engineers, contractors, sales representatives, and other disciplines of the trade. We feel that ASHRAE should be the venue in which our industry can meet and discuss what we can do as a community to create more efficient and sustainable designs, more opportunities to build client relationships, and more access for our young, up-and-coming engineers to meet top professionals to learn from.

    In an effort to succeed on these stated goals above, we will continue to do what we can with the chapter meetings to get as much attendance as possible. With the schedule set-up to vary between lunch and dinner throughout the year, we give as many people as possible the opportunity to attend our meetings and thus more opportunity to make connections and build relationships.

    Amongst the chapter meetings, our board will also strive to create more of our other events such as technical seminars, YEA events, Student Chapter events, and more. Our board encourages you all to participate in all of the events and show your support, not only for the chapter but for our community of professionals. Each of our events are structured in a manner that is meant to find ways to give back to you and other members of the board, whether it is through learning or skills, entertainment, calculation materials, or even your ASHRAE Manual books given to you by society and used every day.

    Also in an effort to give back to the members, our chapter looks to recognize our outstanding members who deserve to be recognized. This is done through our Honors and Awards event, which is one that I encourage you all to be a part, either through attendance or participation. By filling out an application and showing your excellence in the field, either as an individual award or a project award with your team, you’re showing your chapter the amazing things we are all capable of and displaying our unique and exceptional designs and skills that deserve to be publicized. In an effort to give recognition for these outstanding projects and individuals, you’ll notice in the upcoming chapter meetings that we will be recognizing past applications, and as the year progresses we will display the new poster board displays that are submitted for the upcoming 2018-2019 Chapter Honors and Awards.

    With all of this, I will leave you all with one more thing. I’d like to ask you to thank anyone who you know is volunteering on the board. As you can see from above, we are hard at work to do what we can to make every ASHRAE event a worthwhile experience. It’s through the efforts of each individual on the board that all of this is possible, so be sure to reach out and thank them when you see them! Your appreciation will mean a lot to us, as all of this is for you!

    So with that, thank you all for being a part of ASHRAE! We’ll be starting this year off right with our first Chapter Meeting of the new ASHRAE year on September 4th. Looking forward to see all of you very soon! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to browse the “Officers and Chairs” link where all of the current volunteers are listed, or contact me at