Student Activities

    ASHRAE Student Chapter at Arizona State University

    The ASHRAE Student Chapter at Arizona State University (ASU) meets regularly during the academic year.  The ASHRAE Central Arizona Chapter provides support in the form of scholarships, internships, and mentoring opportunities

    Arizona Construction Career Days

    The Arizona Construction Career Days (ACCD) is an annual event that allows High School aged kids to interact with the engineering and construction community through a wide variety of interactive displays and information booths.  For additional information on upcoming activities, visit the ACCD website at

    Future Cities Competition

    The Future Cities Competition allows Middle School aged kids to compete on a local and national level with students from other schools.  Each group of students are required to come up with models of futuristic cities that have an energy efficiency requirement to them, and the students give presentations on their cities.  For additional information, visit the Future Cities website at

    Looking for an Internship?

    Check out our National website for Job listings posted all around the United States including Arizona. Find an Internship Today!

    If you'd like to apply locally, feel free to send your resume to [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] and we will pass onto local employers at their request. 

    Please see the ASHRAE ASU Student Chapter Facebook Page for more information regarding time, location, and speaker: